Docking, Afloat & Anchorage Repairs:

MEPL’s specialized afloat repair team has a dedicated workforce, consisting of service engineers, supervisors and experienced technicians and a purpose built workshop to handle marine repairs and specialized work such as:

  • Blasting and Painting
  • Tail shaft, propulsion system, propeller, Gear box and CPP system
  • Underwater machineries , valves & pipelines
  • Structural repairs and modification
  • Main and auxiliary engine & turbine
  • Deck machine and Cargo Gear
  • Main and cargo pump
  • Hydraulic : testing, repairs & service
  • All kinds of Electric work including motor repairs & rewinding
  • Air conditioning , Refrigeration and insulation
  • Riding squad for repairs and tank cleaning during sailing
  • LSA , FFA Equipment servicing
  • Supply and installation of Spares and equipments